Polynésie Française

[Last updated: 05-Dec-2019]

After crossing the Pacific Ocean (in 1993), and stopping off to visit Fiji and Hawaii, I realised that there were thousands of other islands still to visit. But how, and when? Well, it finally happened during the 2018 Christmas holiday.

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United Kingdom

17-Dec-2018 (0 photos, 0 videos)

United Kingdom to Polynésie Française

18-Dec-2018 (1 photo, 0 videos)

Polynésie Française

19-Dec-2018 (8 photos, 0 videos)

20-Dec-2018 (3 photos, 2 videos)

21-Dec-2018 (1 photo, 0 videos)

22-Dec-2018 (18 photos, 1 video)

23-Dec-2018 (6 photos, 7 videos)

24-Dec-2018 (6 photos, 3 videos)

25-Dec-2018 (8 photos, 1 video)

26-Dec-2018 (3 photos, 0 videos)

27-Dec-2018 (2 photos, 3 videos)

28-Dec-2018 (1 photo, 1 video)

29-Dec-2018 (4 photos, 1 video)

30-Dec-2018 (4 photos, 0 videos)

31-Dec-2018 (16 photos, 0 videos)

01-Jan-2019 (6 photos, 1 video)

San Fransisco to the United Kingdom

02-Jan-2019 (3 photos, 0 videos)

United Kingdom

03-Jan-2019 (0 photos, 0 videos)


Conclusion and Update


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