Egypt's Red Sea

[Last updated: 14-Feb-2020]

When I started planning my adventure around the world (in 1993), Egypt was going to be my first destination. However, that soon changed in favour of Hong Kong - after I learned that the then British government was going to hand the state back to China. More recently, during my holiday in the the Maldives (Oct/Nov-2017), a few fellow divers mentioned (and suggested) that diving in the Red Sea was amazing. So, early in 2018, I decided to visit the Egyptian Red Sea in August, but it soon became clear that seven or eight months was a long time to wait. At the beginning of March 2018, I contacted Blue O Two, and asked if there were any places available on the Red Sea 'Deep South' adventure in April. Much to my delight, there were - six!

A week before my departure, I received a phone call from Blue O Two. I wondered if there was a change to my upcoming trip. Well, I was right; there was! However, I didn't expect what followed. I was asked if I would like a free upgrade to a King Suite, as there was one free? I really had to think long and hard about that! Actually, no I didn't! I was very happy to respond with "Yes please"! Wow! That was a pleasant surprise that literally came out of the blue (O Two!). Was there no couple that could benefit? I'll soon find out.
(Update 19-May-2018: Everyone onboard was married, with their "other halves" at home!)

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United Kingdom

18-Apr-2018 (0 photos, 0 videos)

United Kingdom to Egypt

19-Apr-2018 (6 photos, 0 videos)

20-Apr-2018 (3 photos, 1 video)

21-Apr-2018 (0 photos, 7 videos)

22-Apr-2018 (1 photo, 3 videos)

23-Apr-2018 (3 photos, 2 videos)

24-Apr-2018 (4 photos, 3 videos)

25-Apr-2018 (16 photos, 0 videos)

Egypt to United Kingdom

26-Apr-2018 (9 photos, 0 videos)




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