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It wasn't on my bucket list; I had only dreamed about going to the Maldives. However, after returning home from Mexico in May-2017, it became a reality, following the receipt of a mailshot from Ocean Turtle Diving in Basingstoke. It got me thinking, and soon after, I had booked myself onto a one-week's diving holiday in the Maldives! The operating company (Blue O Two) describes the seven-night liveaboard holiday as Magical Maldives. For me, that is an understatement. My main wish was to see a Whale Shark and a Manta Ray. Not only was my wish granted, the experience(s) surpassed all expectations!

The following YouTube video (Video MV-001) shows what was waiting for me - and what to look forward to.

Blue Voyager Walk-through (YouTube)

Video MV-001
[5 minutes, 08 seconds]

For the first part of the trip (the flight from London to Dubai), I didn't have a window seat, so there aren't any photos of that leg. Besides, it was dark for most of the flight! However, the photos in the next section were taken between Dubai and Velena International Airport.

The dive site diagrams are reproduced with permission from their owner: Anke Westerlaken.

Click the following blue date hyperlinks to show/hide the day's diary activities and/or any associated photos ('slide' images) and videos. Click the slide images to view larger photographs (1024 x 768 pixels) in a new tab/window.

United Kingdom to the Maldives

29-Oct-2017 (16 photos, 0 videos)

The Maldives

30-Oct-2017 (0 photos, 3 videos)

31-Oct-2017 (12 photos, 3 videos)

01-Nov-2017 (0 photos, 2 videos)

02-Nov-2017 (6 photos, 3 videos)

03-Nov-2017 (0 photos, 4 videos)

04-Nov-2017 (3 photos, 0 videos)

The Maldives to the United Kingdom

05-Nov-2017 (4 photos, 0 videos)

02-Nov-2021 - Climate Crisis: Related to the COP26 and Climate Change gathering in Glasgow this month, featured how rising sea levels would affect the Maldives. The following two links direct you to that article.


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