[Last updated: 08-Sep-2020]

When I was taught to write at school, the Italic style was the writing style at the time; I don't know why, but I am very grateful it was. Some school years later, I can remember one teacher saying that the Biro (or Bic pen) ruins one's handwriting. Believe me, it is true!

When I have had opportunities to write personal and special handwritten letters, and greetings cards (for which I have received encouraging feedback), as well as requests for wedding 'place name' cards, I am pleased I was, and am, able to use my Italic writing skills.

I am quite sure I inherited my artistic characteristics from my father, who was artistic. He enjoyed drawing and painting, and had a very nice-looking writing style; which was a type of script. I can only remember seeing him using a fountain pen and a pencil, and never a Biro/Bic pen.

It is for these reasons, and other apsects of handwriting, that triggered this page.

Useful Handwriting Web Sites

Ruled Calligraphy Paper - This is a truly useful web site, especially for beginners. The page seems to be 'work in progress' and I hope it doesn't disappear. Although it appears to be American-based, it allows many characteristics to be set, as required; for example, angle of slant, page size and guide colours.

Calligraphy Paper - This page contains a selection of sheet designs.

Italic Calligraphy for Beginners - This page describes the complete concept behind calligraphy, including the types of pen, how to create letters of the alphabet, and web sites for writing tools.

Italic Calligraphy [at Calligraphy Skills]

Italic Lettering [at Calligraphy Skills]

Italic Writing - Italic writing pens, paper and other relevant items [at Amazon]

Italic Writing - Italic writing search at DuckDuckGo

Other links will be added as time passes.


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