United Kingdom

[Last updated: 14-Feb-2021]

This is a selection (in no particular order) of photos I have taken during my visits around the United Kingdom. Click the links to show/hide 'slide' images of each specific area/region, then click the images to view larger photographs - which are displayed in a new tab/window.


Oxford (Sixteen photos, taken on 23-Aug-2017)

Greater London

London (Nine photos, taken between 19-Apr-2014 and 07-Oct-2017)

Berkshire [Royal County of]

Newbury (Fifty-two photos, taken between 27-Mar-2010 and 21-Sep-2019)

River Kennet (Twelve photos, taken during two Coronavirus pandemic exercise walks, on very cold days: 11 and 12-Feb-2021)


Biddestone (Twelve photos, taken on 11-Aug-2020)

The Thames Valley in Lockdown

This BBC link shows, probably for the first (and last) time, the completely empty scenes of the Thames Valley (including Oxford, Henley, Newbury and Reading) from the air, on 10-May-2020, during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in that year.


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