[Last updated: 11-May-2020]

My visit to Iceland came about through a chance conversation with a family member. On the "spur of the moment", I started looking on-line at what was available. To cut a long story (or search) short, I was directed to the British Airways web site; and the rest is history! Flights, transfer from/to the airport and accommodation in one package - booked, five weeks before departure!

Icelandic daylight in December, particularly around the time of the Winter Solstice, is limited to a little more than four hours! Consequently, I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked (and as I have done in other countries that I have visited). Therefore, unlike other diary entries, I have placed the photos and videos as close as possible to the relevant text and time, in each day's diary description.

Click the following blue date hyperlinks to show/hide each day's diary and any associated photos ('slide' images) and videos. Click the slide images to view larger photographs (1024 x 768 pixels) in a new tab/window.

The United Kingdom to Iceland

20-Dec-2019 (8 photos, 0 videos)


21-Dec-2019 (2 photos, 0 videos)

22-Dec-2019 (1 photo, 0 videos)

23-Dec-2019 (4 photos, 0 videos)

24-Dec-2019 (13 photos, 3 videos)

25-Dec-2019 (6 photos, 0 videos)

26-Dec-2019 (4 photos, 0 videos)

27-Dec-2019 (2 photos, 0 videos)

Iceland to the United Kingdom

28-Dec-2019 (4 photos, 0 videos)


Conclusion and Update


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