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This is a selection (in no particular order) of photos I have taken during my visits to France. Click the links to show/hide 'slide' images of each specific area/region, then click the images to view larger photographs - which are displayed in a new tab/window.

Northern France

Lille (7 photos, taken on 15-Dec-2014)

Chartres (10 photos, taken on 26-Oct-2013)

Élancourt - France Miniature (12 photos, taken on 28-Oct-2013)

Île de France

Milly la Forêt (15 photos, taken on 13-Jul-2013)

Fontainebleau (4 photos, taken on 13-Jul-2013)

Versailles (20 photos, taken on 14 & 15-Sep-2013)


L'Île de la Cité (6 photos, taken on 27-Jul-2013 & 29-Sep-2013)

Les Catacombes de Paris (3 photos, taken on 29/30-Sep-2013)

Le Pont (Passerelle) des Arts (3 photos, taken on 27-Jul-2013)

Le Louvre et Le Jardin des Tuileries (8 photos, taken on 27-Jul-2013 & 22-Dec-2015)

Views along the River Seine (9 photos, taken on 27-Jul-2013 & 22-Dec-2015)

Montparnasse (6 photos, taken on 23-Aug-2013)

L'Hôtel des Invalides (6 photos, taken between 27-Jul-2013 & 07-Sep-2013)

La Place de la Bastille (3 photos, taken on 24-Aug-2013)

La Gare de Lyon (7 photos, taken on 24-Aug-2013)

Le Jardin des Grands Explorateurs and Le Jardin du Luxembourg (3 photos, taken on 29-Sep-2013)

La Gare du Nord (3 photos, taken on 08-Sep-2013)

Montmartre/La Basilique du Sacré Cœur (6 photos, taken on 08-Sep-2013)

La Sorbonne (6 photos, taken on 29-Sep-2013)

Le Ba'ta clan Café (3 photos, taken on 21-Dec-2015)

La Place de la République (3 photos, taken on 21-Dec-2015)

L'Avenue des Champs-Élysées (9 photos, taken on 27-Jul-2013 and 19-Dec-2015)

La Place de la Concorde (3 photos, taken on 27-Jul-2013 and 19-Dec-2015)

After-thoughts (7 photos, taken between 23-Aug-2013 and 22-Dec-2015)

Eastern France

Colmar (16 photos, taken on 14-Dec-2013)

Paris in Lockdown

This BFMTV link shows, probably for the first (and last?) time, the completely empty streets of Paris, during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020.

Le Midi

As a Postscript to this page of France, my attention was recently drawn to a YouTube video of the now-closed mountain route through Les Grands Goulets. It took my mind back some years when, during the summer months, a number of us would drive from Ferney-Voltaire to "le Midi" (de la France) for a weekend's camping.

We would sometimes take the autoroutes A7 and A8, between Lyon and Cannes, sometimes take the N85 Route Napoleon, between Grenoble and Cannes (via Gap, Sisteron, Castellane and Grasse). Once or twice, we took the now-closed "scenic route" through the Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors, between Grenoble and Gap (via Les Grands Goulets; see the first two Related Links)! An absolutely great experience; and (brown-trouser) fun!!!


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