[Last updated: 08-Jun-2021]

This is a selection (in no particular order) of photos I have taken during my visits to Belgium. Click the links to show/hide 'slide' images of each specific area/region, then click the images to view larger photographs - which are displayed in a new tab/window.


Antwerp/Anvers (Nine photos, taken in Nov-1993)


Centre (Seven photos, taken between Apr-2010 and Jun-2016)

Bois de la Cambre (Six photos, taken on 15-Aug-2012)


Lac de Genval (Three photos, taken between May-2010 and Oct-2011)

Waterloo (Ten photos, taken between May-2010 and Jun-2016)

Wavre (Twelve photos, taken between Apr-2009 and Oct-2014)


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